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Extract and Exploitation. Collecting, copying, redistributing and/or repurposing Content manually or in an automated manner such as by a bot, webcrawler, scraper, spider, or other tools is creating an “Extract”. You acknowledge that BOH has expended substantial expense to create Content. The use of Content for Your commercial gain such as collecting access, license, or subscription fees or fees from retail transactions even if such fees are not solely for Content shall be “Exploitation”.

Content. Any Extract must not remove our copyright notice or other legends and must always incorporate an Internet link to BOH home page You may not alter or modify Content in any manner. You may not Exploit Extract(s) except as mutually agreed in writing by BOH in advance.

Public Content is any Content You can access on our site without logging in. You may view, print, redistribute, forward links to, Extract or otherwise re-purpose Public Content. For clarity, embedding and re-posting our Content, with proper attribution and without circumventing ad-revenue or other technology, will not be considered Exploitation.

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BOH welcomes Your ideas for future programs or website features. You agree that we have no obligation to use any of Your submitted ideas or to keep them confidential. Further, if we do use Your ideas (or allow others to do so), we have no obligation to notify You, pay You for them or to attribute You as a contributor.

We also welcome Your submission of content to us. For any content you submit or provide to us, You grant to BOH, in advance, the right to use, copy and distribute Your content without compensating or notifying You. If you submit copyrighted content to us, You agree to secure proper authority from the copyright owner the right for us to use, copy or distribute the protected content. Upon submitting content to us, You indemnify us for any losses, claims, or expenditures we or You incur due to our use of copyrighted content.


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