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Arkansas Children’s using Digital Ethnography for ‘Voice of the Customer’

In this Interview

Vice President, Strategic Marketing
Arkansas Children’s

Jeff House is a next generation marketer, weaving together advanced knowledge of the latest strategic marketing techniques with a deep passion for consumers to drive initiatives that grow volume and cultivate brand loyalty. House has held marketing leadership roles in academic medicine and children's healthcare, and has a Master of Accounting and a BS in Business Management and from UNC - Chapel Hill, and an MBA from Wake Forest University School of Business.

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

Dean Browell, PhD, principal & co-founder of Feedback, conducts audience research across healthcare, consumer products, education, tourism, automotive and more. His doctoral dissertation, World of Studentcraft: An Ethnographic Study on the Engagement of Traditional Students with an Online World, broke ground in understanding generational online behaviors variation. A graduate of Randolph-Macon College and Capella University, Browell speaks regularly at business and digital media conferences around the world.

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