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When Medical Error happens, is Early Intervention best?

In this Interview

Vice President, Risk Management
Medstar Health

Larry L. Smith is vice president of risk management for MedStar Health and president of MedStar Health's captive insurance company, Greenspring Financial Insurance Limited, Inc. of Cayman. In his role, he is responsible for the design, implementation and administration of MedStar Health's broad comprehensive risk management, self-insurance and commercial insurance program. A member of the Massachusetts and California Bars, Smith has served as a member of various corporate boards, and is currently a member of the board of the Captive Insurance Council of the District of Columbia.

Director, Risk & Insurance
Medstar Health

Rachel Leyko is the Risk & Insurance Manager for MedStar Health, Inc. In this role, she analyzes, administers and maintains MedStar’s commercial and self-insurance programs including MedStar’s physician/hospital professional libaility insurance coverage provided through MedStar’s captive insurance company, Greenspring Financial Insurance Limited, Inc of Cayman. Prior to joining MedStar Health in 2011, Rachel served as Senior Paralegal at Nash & Associates, LLC, a former defense firm for MedStar Health, where she worked on defense of medical professional liability claims.

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