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Clinical Trials Improve Patient Engagement

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Chief Executive Officer
Wilmington Health

Jeff James is CEO of Wilmington Health, a multi-specialty Wilmington, NC clinic with 161 providers covering 37 specialties in 22 locations. He is responsible for the strategic vision and its deployment as well as all financial and operational aspects of the practice. Under his leadership, Wilmington Health was named an honoree for the prestigious Acclaim Award, by the American Medical Group Foundation in 2013. Jeff is a frequent national speaker on a diverse range of subjects including: Lean/Process Improvement in Healthcare, Cultural Transformation, Aligning Incentives, Physician Leadership and Healthcare Finance. He is responsible for the development of multiple Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and is currently the CEO of “Physician Healthcare Collaborative (PHC)”. In 2014, PHC was ranked 7th in the country in reported quality among the other approximately 220 Medicare ACO’s. He has participated as an active Board Member on several community and healthcare related organizations including: American Medical Group Association, Coastal Connect Health Information Exchange, the Economic Development Corporation, Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and the North Carolina State Medical Society’s ACO Steering Committee. Jeff holds a Master of Business Administration Degree and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Blake Marggraff co-founded Epharmix, the leader in evidence-based remote patient monitoring. Epharmix helps risk-bearing healthcare organizations succeed in value-based care by enabling care managers to communicate with their high and rising-risk patients more efficiently. Epharmix sends automated, proactive SMS texts and calls with disease-specific messages to the patient's own phone to gather key patient biometrics and self-reported symptoms. This information is run through Epharmix algorithms providing relevant actionable alerts and trending so that clinical teams deliver timely outreach and prevent an unnecessary ED visit or exacerbation. In addition to his passion for transforming healthcare through Epharmix, Blake is a Board Member of the Institute for Family Medicine.

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